MOSES::MOBY::Config - A hash based configuration module based on Config::Simple


 # use config allong with the MOSES config file
 use MOSES::MOBY::Config;

 # use config along with my properties.file
 use MOSES::MOBY::Config qw /'properties.file'/;

 # print the successfully read config files
 foreach my $file (MOSES::MOBY::Config->ok_files) {
    print "\t$file - successfully processed\n";

 # print a list of files that failed to load
 my %failed = MOSES::MOBY::Config->failed_files;
 if (keys %failed > 0) {
    print "Failed configuration files:\n";
    foreach my $file (sort keys %failed) {
    my $msg = $failed{$file}; $msg =~ s/\n$//;
        print "\t$file => $msg\n";

 # print out the config params read thus far
 print "All configuration parameters:\n";
 foreach my $name (sort MOSES::MOBY::Config->param()) {
    print "\t$name => " . MOSES::MOBY::Config->param ($name);


A module for reading configuration files and maintaining configuration parameters


 Martin Senger (martin.senger [at] gmail [dot] com)
 Edward Kawas (edward.kawas [at] gmail [dot] com)



Instantiates a new MOSES::MOBY::Config reference. Mainly here for OO access. There are no instance attributes, only class attributes


If called with no arguments, all of the possible config keys are returned. If called with a single argument, then that argument is assumed to be a key and the value for that key is returned.


removes one or more of the configuration keys and their associated values.


Returns a stringified version of all configuration parameters;

If passed a scalar parameter, then the dump will be given that variable name. This dump can be eval{}'ed.


returns a list of the configuration files successfully read thus far ...


returns a hash of the configuration files unsuccessfully read thus far and their corresponding error messages.