Bruno Tavares


MP3::Album::Track - Perl extension to manage a "physical" track of a mp3 album.


        use MP3::Album::Track;

        #create a track object
        $track = MP3::Album::Track->new(filename=>$path_to_mp3_file);

        #set it's mp3 tag
        $track->set_tag(title=>'i dont know why');      

        #rename it!


Manages a mp3 album track. Gets and sets mp3 file info.


All the methods return undef in error case. The error description is stored in $@.

$t = new(filename=>$filename)

Creates a new MP3::Album::Track track using $filename.

$filename = $t->filename()

Returns the filename of the track.

$br = $t->bitrate()

Returns the encoding bitrate of this track.

$fq = $t->frequency()

Returns the encoding frequency for this track.

$result = $t->set_tag([title => $title, artist => $artist, album => $album, year => $year, comment => $comment, genre => $genre])

Sets the tag of the mp3 file according to the passed parameters. If you don't pass one or more of the parameters they will be empty on the tag. I'm thinking of a parameter to maintain the previous value on a tag field but i am not sure if that is the proper approach.

$result = $t->rename( filename => $new_filename [,keep_copy=>$boo])

Renames this track to a new filename. If you pass a true "keep_copy" value the track will be copied instead of moved. In any case the object filename property will be set to the new file name.


Documented as being not documented.


There are no known bugs, contact me if you find one.


Copyright 2003 Bruno Tavares <>. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.