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MQSeries::ErrorLog::Parser -- Parse a portion of an MQSeries error log and return parsed Entry objects.


  use MQSeries::ErrorLog::Parser;

  my $qmgr = 'foo';   # Queue Manager we are processing
  my $parser = MQSeries::ErrorLog::Parser->
    new('defaults' => { 'QMgr' => $qmgr });
  open (ERRORS, '<', "/var/mqm/qmgrs/$qmgr/errors/AMQERR01.LOG");
  local $/;
  my @entries = $parser->parse_data(<ERRORS>);
  close ERRORS;


The MQSeries::ErrorLog::Parser class is typically not used directly, but invoked through the MQSeries::ErrorLog::Tail class. When used directly, it can be used to parse a (possibly archived) error-log file and return an array of neatly-parsed MQSeries::ErrorLog::Entry objects.

This class will try and deal with the vagaries of error-log processing, chief of which is that the MQSeries error-log is not written to in an atomic fashion, meaning that some error-log entries may be interleaved and hence un-parseable.

All error-log entries can be parsed to some extent (summary, action, timestamp); however, most common error messages are also parsed in detail to give access to embedded fields such as 'QMgr', 'Channel', 'Queue', etc.



Create a new MQSeries::ErrorLog::Parser object. The constructor take the following optional parameters:


A reference to an error-handling routine. This defaults to 'carp', but can be changed to your own error-handling routine.

In order to avoid overloading the system with error messages, message format errors are not logged and errors for specific error-log messages are generated only once for each message code.


A reference to a hash with default parameters that will be used to initialize the MQSeries::ErrorLog::Entry object created. A typical default parameter is 'QMgr', which should be specified whenever you are parsing error-log messages for a specific queue manager.


Parse a chunk of text with one or more error messages and return individual parsed entries.


The file '' contains a list of all error messages supported, in the form of regular expressions and a set of field names extracted from these expressions. Additions and corrections are welcome.


MQSeries(3), MQSeries::ErrorLog::Tail(3), MQSeries::ErrorLog::Entry(3)