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MQSeries::Message::DeadLetter -- OO interface to the Dead Letter message type


  use MQSeries;
  use MQSeries::Message::DeadLetter;


The MQSeries::Message::DeadLetter class is an interface to the Dead Letter messages delivered to the dead letter queue (usually SYSTEM.DEAD.LETTER.QUEUE) by the queue manager.


Since this class is a subclass of MQSeries::Message, all of the latters methods are availables as well as the following:


The constructor takes all of the same key/value pairs as the MQSeries::Message constructor, as well as the following additional keys:

  Key                   Value
  ===                   =====
  Header                HASH reference

NOTE: The MsgDesc->Format string defaults to MQFMT_DEAD_LETTER_HEADER automatically, and should not be specified. If it is overridden, and you are using this class to put messages to the dead letter queue, then in all likelyhood you may experience problems with the applications that process the DLQ.

The value of this key is a HASH reference representing the MQDLH header structure. See the docs for method of the same name below for more information.


This method returns the HASH reference representing the MQDLH structure prepended to the original message body.