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MQSeries::Message::Storable -- OO Class for sending and receiving perl references as MQSeries message application data


  use MQSeries::Message::Storable;
  my $message = MQSeries::Message::Storable->new
     Data => {
              some => "big ugly",
              complicated =>
               data => [0..5],
               structure => [6..10],


This is a simple subclass of MQSeries::Message which support the use of perl references as data structures in the message. These references have to be converted to a string of data which can be written to an MQSeries message as application data, and for this the Storable module is used.

The Storable::nfreeze and Storable::thaw subroutines are not very forgiving. If the input to nfreeze is not a perl reference, then the code raises a fatal exception. Similarly, if the input to thaw is not a frozen perl reference (i.e. the output from a nfreeze() call), is also raises a fatal exception. Both of these are trapped with eval, but the data conversion is considered to fail, and thus the Put(), Get(), or Put1() method calls will subsequently fail.

An object of this class will require that all of the messages put to or gotten from any given queue use perl references as the underlying data structure. This also requires that both the putting and getting application use this class to create the MQSeries messages.


PutConvert, GetConvert

Neither of these methods are called by the users application, but are used internally by MQSeries::Queue::Put() and MQSeries::Queue::Get(), as well as MQSeries::QueueManager::Put1().

PutConvert() calls Storable::nfreeze to convert the perl reference (which can be arbitrarily deep) to a scalar buffer which is then passed to MQPUT() or MQPUT1().

GetConvert() calls Storable::thaw to convert the contents of a message retreived from a queue via MQGET() to a perl reference, which is then inserted into the Data structure of the message object.


MQSeries(3), MQSeries::QueueManager(3), MQSeries::Queue(3), MQSeries::Message(3), Storable(3)