MQSeries::Message::System -- OO Class for decoding MQSeries v6 system messages


This class is a subclass of MQSeries::Message::PCF which provides a GetConvert() method to decode standard MQSeries events, statistics, and accounting messages. It also overrides the standard PutConvert() method with one that fails as the generation and "putting" of system messages is not supported. It is not intended to be used directly, but rather as the basis of more specific system message objects.


Since this is a subclass of MQSeries::Message::PCF, all of that class's methods are available, as well as the following.

PutConvert, GetConvert

Neither of these methods are called by the users application, but are used internally by MQSeries::Queue::Put() and MQSeries::Queue::Get(), as well as MQSeries::QueueManager::Put1().

The PutConvert method will cause a failure, since this class is only to be used for decoding MQSeries system messages, not generating them. A future release may support the creation of such messages.

The GetConvert method decodes the message contents into the Header and Parameters hashes, which are available via the methods of the same name (as inherited from the base class).


Actually, this is one of the MQSeries::Message methods, and not specific to MQSeries::Message::System or its derivatives. It is important, however, to note that this class is one of those that saves the raw buffer returned by MQGET in the object. The Buffer method will return the raw, unconverted PCF data in the original message.


Registers a callback function that may be used to check for a translation table. Derived classes may wish to call this from a import() method instead of by overriding the _Translatable method (see below).


This method is used internally to see if a derived subclass can translate the decoded PCF commands to something more useful than the raw numbers. All sub-classes should override this method with one that returns a reference to (and the the name of) a hash specific to the message format being decoded.


An internally used method that recursively remaps the PCF numbers to friendly names. Not meant to be called from applications, but noted here for people who wonder what it does.


MQSeries(3), MQSeries::QueueManager(3), MQSeries::Queue(3), MQSeries::Message(3), MQSeries::Message::PCF(3)