MS::Reader::PepXML::Result - pepXML search result object


    while (my $result = $search->next_result) {
        my $top_hit = $result->get_hit(0);
        my $peptide = $top_hit->{peptide};
        my $deltas  = $result->mod_delta_array(0);



The MS::Reader::PepXML::Result class represent search query results (<<spectrum_query>> elements in the pepXML schema). mass spectrometry data. It aims to provide complete access to the data contents while not being overburdened by detailed class infrastructure. Convenience methods are provided for accessing commonly used data. Users who want to extract data not accessible through the available methods should examine the data structure of the parsed object. The dump() method provides an easy method of doing so.



    my $first_hit = $result->get_hit(0);

Takes one optional argument (zero-based index of the hit) and returns a hash reference containing the result data for the hit. Currently most useful data is extracted directly from this hash reference. In the future additional accessors may be added for commonly accessed data. If no arguments are provided, returns the first hit.


    my $deltas = $result->mod_delta_array(0);

Takes one optional argument (zero-based index of the hit) and returns an array reference containing floating point delta masses for each location on the peptide. The length of the array wil be equal to peptide length + 2 - the first and last values represent N-terminal and C-terminal modifications respectively. If no arguments are provided, returns the first hit.


    my $string = $result->dump;

Returns a textual serialization of the MS::Reader::PepXML::Result object as a text string. This is useful for understanding how to access information not provided directly by class methods.


The API is in alpha stage and is not guaranteed to be stable.

Please reports bugs or feature requests through the issue tracker at


Jeremy Volkening <>


Copyright 2015-2016 Jeremy Volkening

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