MS::Spectrum - Base class for spectrum objects


    use MS::Reader::Foo;

    my $reader = MS::Reader::Foo->new('spectra.file');

    while (my $spectrum = $reader->next_spectrum) {
        # $spectrum inherits from MS::Spectrum, so you can always do:
        my $id  = $spectrum->id;
        my $rt  = $spectrum->rt;
        my $mz  = $spectrum->mz;
        my $int = $spectrum->int;
        my $lvl = $spectrum->ms_level;



MS::Spectrum is a base class for spectrum objects generated by file parsers. It defines a minimum set of methods that subclasses should provide (currently required but not enforced). Subclasses can (and should) provide additional methods depending on the information available - see individual subclass documentation for details.


These methods are required to be defined by subclasses.


Returns the spectrum ID as a string. The ID format is not defined and depends on the source of the data file.


Returns the retention time of the spectrum in seconds. Subclasses should ensure that any necessary conversions are carried out to return a value with the proper units.


Returns an reference to an array containing ordered mass/charge values for the spectrum (must be equal in length to that returned by int() ).


Returns a reference to an array containing ordered intensity values for the spectrum (must be equal in length to that returned by mz() ).


Returns the MS level (e.g. MS1, MS2) of the spectrum as a positive integer. Should return undefined if the level cannot be determined from input.


    my ($mz, $int) = $spectrum->mz_int_by_range(
        [200, 300],
        [500, 600],

A convenience method that takes an array of array references, each containing a pair of start and end m/z values. Returns two references to arrays of m/z and intensity values that occur within the specified windows.


Please reports bugs to the author.


Jeremy Volkening <>


Copyright 2016-2019 Jeremy Volkening

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