MacOSX::File::Copy - copy() on MacOS X


  use MacOSX::File::Copy;
  copy($srcpath, $dstpath [,$buffersize]);
  move($srcpath, $dstpath);


MacOSX::File::Copy provides copy() and move() as in File::Copy. Unlike File::Copy (that also comes with MacOS X), MacOSX::File::Copy preserves resouce fork and Finder attirbutes. Consider this as a perl version of CpMac and MvMac which comes with MacOS X developer kit.


copy() and move()

copy($from, $to, [$maxbufsize, $preserve])

copies file from path $from to path $to, just like File::Copy::copy(). Returns 1 on success and 0 otherwise. On error $MacOSX::File::OSErr is set when appropriate.

copy() can optionally take maximum buffer size as an argument. This value sets the limit of copy buffer. If less value is required copy() automagically allocates smaller amount of memory. When in doubt just leave it as default.

The last argument, $preserve tells copy() whether it should preserve file attributes from the source file like like /bin/cp -p. Default is 0.

move($from, $to)

moves file from path $from to path $to, just like File::Copy::move(). Within same volume it uses rename(). If not it simply copy() then unlink().

This subroutine uses no xs.


Dan Kogai <>


Files w/ Unicode names now copies with no problem. FSSpec-based operations are completely gone. Now this module does pure-FSRef operation. As a result, MoreFiles is now removed from distribution.

APPENDIX -- How Darwin handles HFS+

  Here is a simple diagram of how Darwin presents HFS+ volume

               HFS+                  Darwin
  Filename:    Unicode (UCS2)        UTF-8
  Path Delim:  :                     /
               /                     :

  To implement file copy myself, I had to implement this
filename-mapping myself since file copy is done on Carbon, 
not Darwin.  Here is how.

 1.  Get FSRef of destination DIRECTORY
 2.  convert all occurance of ':' to '/' in destination BASENAME
     Since basename is still in UTF-8, it will not clobber anything.
 3.  convert the resulting basename to Unicode
 4.  Now Feed them to FSCreateFileUnicode()

  See Copy/filecopy.c for details






Copyright 2002 Dan Kogai <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.