Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm - Object Methods for encrypted Ezmlm Mailing Lists


 use Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm;
 $list = new Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm(DIRNAME);

The rest is a bit complicated for a Synopsis, see the description.


Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm is a Perl module that is designed to provide an object interface to encrypted mailing lists based upon gpg-ezmlm. See the gpg-ezmlm web page ( for details about this software.

The Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm class is inherited from the Mail::Ezmlm class.

Setting up a new Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm object:

   use Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm;
   $list = new Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm('/home/user/lists/moolist');

new() returns undefined if an error occoured.

Use this function to access an existing encrypted mailing list.

Converting a plaintext mailing list to an encrypted list:

You need to have a normal list before you can convert it into an encrypted list. You can create plaintext mailing list with Mail::Ezmlm.


Use this function to convert a plaintext list into an encrypted mailing list. The function returns a Mail::Ezmlm::GpgEzmlm object if it was successful. Otherwise it returns undef.

Converting an encryted mailing list to a plaintext list:


This function returns undef in case of errors. Otherwise the Mail::Ezmlm object of the plaintext mailing list is returned.

Updating the common configuration settings of the current list:


Updating the configuration of the current list:

   $list->update_special({ 'allowKeySubmission' => 1 });

Getting the current configuration of the current list:


getconfig() returns a hash including all available settings (undefined settings are returned with their default value).


 Lars Kruse <>


 There are no known bugs.

 Please report bugs to the author or use the bug tracking system at


 ezmlm(5), ezmlm-make(2), ezmlm-sub(1), 
 ezmlm-unsub(1), ezmlm-list(1), ezmlm-issub(1)