Mail::QmailRemoteXS - Lightweight (XS) SMTP send function based on Qmail's qmail-remote


  use Mail::QmailRemoteXS;
  $ret = Mail::QmailRemoteXS::mail($to_domain,$from_address,$to_address,$msg,$helo,$net_timeout,$net_timeoutconnect);


This module provides a single function mail that sends an e-mail message via SMTP. It uses an XS implementation of Qmail's qmail-remote binary written in C so is very lightweight and fast (compared to Net::SMTP).

The difference between Mail::QmailRemote (IKEBE Tomohiro) and Mail::QmailRemoteXS is that the former requires the qmail package to be installed and simply invokes a wrapper around the qmail-remote binary for each send. This module statically links code based on qmail-remote and has no dependencies other that a working resolver.


 $ret = Mail::QmailRemoteXS::mail($to_domain,$from_address,$to_address,$msg,$helo,$net_timeout,$net_timeoutconnect);

Send an email message $msg (which includes rfc822 headers) to $to_address from $from_address using $helo as the SMTP HELO greeting. $net_timeoutconnect is for the initial SMTP connection and $net_timeout is for the wait time for SMTP responses.

See Qmail's qmail-remote manpage for more information and details on the return value $ret.


Some reports of mail hanging indefinitely during an SMTP session.


Reed Sandberg, <reed_sandberg Ó’ yahoo>


Qmail docs for qmail-remote. Net::SMTP


Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Reed Sandberg All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

This package comes with a modified distribution of qmail-1.03 by Dan J. Bernstein. See qmailrem/README for Copyright and further information.

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