Mail::SRS::Guarded - A guarded Sender Rewriting Scheme (recommended)


        use Mail::SRS::Guarded;
        my $srs = new Mail::SRS::Guarded(...);


This is the default subclass of Mail::SRS. An instance of this subclass is actually constructed when "new Mail::SRS" is called.

Note that allowing variable separators after the SRS\d token means that we must preserve this separator in the address for a possible reversal. SRS1 does not need to understand the SRS0 address, just preserve it, on the assumption that it is valid and that the host doing the final reversal will perform cryptographic tests. It may therefore strip just the string SRS0 and not the separator. This explains the appearance of a double separator in SRS1<sep><hostname>=<sep>.

See Mail::SRS for details of the standard SRS subclass interface. This module provides the methods compile() and parse(). It operates without store, and guards against gaming the shortcut system.