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Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DMARC - check DMARC policy


  loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DMARC

  ifplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DMARC
    header DMARC_PASS eval:check_dmarc_pass()
    describe DMARC_PASS DMARC pass policy
    tflags DMARC_PASS net nice
    score DMARC_PASS -0.001

    header DMARC_REJECT eval:check_dmarc_reject()
    describe DMARC_REJECT DMARC reject policy
    tflags DMARC_REJECT net
    score DMARC_REJECT 0.001

    header DMARC_QUAR eval:check_dmarc_quarantine()
    describe DMARC_QUAR DMARC quarantine policy
    tflags DMARC_QUAR net
    score DMARC_QUAR 0.001

    header DMARC_NONE eval:check_dmarc_none()
    describe DMARC_NONE DMARC none policy
    tflags DMARC_NONE net
    score DMARC_NONE 0.001

    header DMARC_MISSING eval:check_dmarc_missing()
    describe DMARC_MISSING Missing DMARC policy
    tflags DMARC_MISSING net
    score DMARC_MISSING 0.001


This plugin checks if emails match DMARC policy, the plugin needs both DKIM and SPF plugins enabled.

dmarc_save_reports ( 0 | 1 ) (default: 0)

Store DMARC reports using Mail::DMARC::Store, mail-dmarc.ini must be configured to save and send DMARC reports.