Mail::Summary - scan read your mail!


  my $ms = Mail::Summary->new({ maildir => '/home/mwk/Maildir' });

  my @mail_summaries = $ms->summaries;


Too busy to read your mail? Subscribe to too many mailing lists? Take two folders into the shower? Well, for the busy on the go geek of today, here is the answer! Get all your messages summarised, to save you having to read them, or to read them by which summary looks better!


  my $ms = Mail::Summary->new({ maildir => '/home/mwk/Maildir' });

This will make a new Mail::Summary object.


  my $maildir = $ms->maildir;

This is the mail directory as defined by the user.


  my @mail_summaries = $ms->summaries;

This will return a list, with every entry in the list being a summary of an individual message.


I have only tried this with my Maildir style mailbox. If you use something else, and this works, I would love to hear from you. If it doesn't, I want to hear as well!


Oh....lots of things.

  o Make it look more than the script it originally was!!
  o SMS the results of the summary?
  o Get the five keywords and feed them into google?
  o ignore already read messages
  o show which folder the messages summarised are in


There was a thread on mailing list about working in a vacumn - that it was a bit depressing to keep writing modules but never get any feedback. So, if you use and like this module then please send me an email and make my day.

All it takes is a few little bytes.

(Leon wrote that, not me!)


Stray Toaster <>

With Thanks

  o Dennis Taylor for his Lingua::EN::Summarize which inspired this!


Copyright (C) 2002, mwk

This module is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.