Mail::TieFolder::mh - Tied hash interface for mh mail folders


  use Mail::TieFolder::mh;
  tie (%inbox, 'Mail::TieFolder::mh', 'inbox');

  # get list of all message IDs in folder
  @messageIDs = keys (%inbox);

  # fetch message by ID 
  $msg = $inbox{''};


Mail::TieFolder::mh implements a tied hash interface to the mh folder format.

See Mail::TieFolder for additional info and background.


You will need Mail::TieFolder installed in order for the tests to work.

You should use the Mail::TieFolder parent module to access Mail::TieFolder::mh anyway -- see the Mail::TieFolder perldoc. You can get away with using Mail::TieFolder::mh directly for now, but this is not guaranteed to work in future versions.

The MH command-line utilities (scan, rmm, pick, rmf, etc...) must be installed and in the user's PATH in order for Mail::TieFolder::mh to work. In this version, I wrapped the mh tools rather than re-implement the mh algorithms. This should not be a major restriction in most cases; if anyone is using MH mail folders, then the MH tools will virtually always be there.

If you are looking for a complete re-implementation of the MH folder access algorithms in Perl, see Mail::Box::MH -- Mark Overmeer seems to have done a pretty thorough job. I wrote Mail::TieFolder::mh before he released Mail::Box::MH, and am considering wrapping his code in a future version of Mail::TieFolder::mh in order to remove the need for the MH tools.


Steve Traugott, stevegt@TerraLuna.Org


mh, perltie, Mail::TieFolder, Mail::Box::MH