Math::Business::StockMonkey - Base documentation for the StockMonkey Collection


The stockmonkey distribution is supposed to contain all the technical analysis tools you'd ever want. It has a few things, but it's sadly lacking.

Here's the tiny catalog so far:

Math::Business::SMA - Simple Moving Average

Math::Business::EMA - Exponential Moving Average

Math::Business::WMA - Weighted Moving Average

Math::Business::HMA - Hull Moving Average

Math::Business::LaguerreFilter - Laguerre Filter (DSP technique)

Math::Business::MACD - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence

Math::Business::RSI - Relative Strength Index

Math::Business::BollingerBands - Bollinger Bands

Math::Business::ATR - Average True Value

Math::Business::DMI - Directional Movement Index (aka ADX)

Math::Business::ADX - Alias for DMI

Math::Business::ParabolicSAR - Parabolic Stop and Reversal

Math::Business::CCI - Commodity Channel Index

Math::Business::ConnorRSI - Connor's 3 tuple average RSI with PriceRank

Math::Business::SM::Stochastic -Stochastic Oscillator


If you'd like to help, or even just suggest a module, just let me know.

Links to the algorithm are helpful as our spreadsheets with example calculations, but they are not necessary.

I do check, so that's definitely one way to go.

If you're into things like this, you might enjoy the mailing list:


Paul Miller <>

I am using this software in my own projects... If you find bugs, please please please let me know. There is a mailing list with very light traffic that you might want to join:


Copyright © 2013 Paul Miller


This is released under the Artistic License. See perlartistic.

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