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Math::GSL::Spline - Splines


    use Math::GSL::Spline qw/:all/;


The functions described in the Interp module required the user to supply pointers to the x and y arrays on each call. The following functions are equivalent to the corresponding gsl_interp functions but maintain a copy of this data in the gsl_spline object. This removes the need to pass both xa and ya as arguments on each evaluation.

  • gsl_spline_alloc($T, $size)

  • gsl_spline_init($spline, $xa, $ya, $size)

  • gsl_spline_free($spline)

  • gsl_spline_name($spline)

  • gsl_spline_min_size($spline)

  • gsl_spline_eval_e($spline, $x, $acc)

  • gsl_spline_eval($spline, $x, $acc)

  • gsl_spline_eval_deriv_e($spline, $x, $acc)

  • gsl_spline_eval_deriv($spline, $x, $acc)

  • gsl_spline_eval_deriv2_e($spline, $x, $acc)

  • gsl_spline_eval_deriv2($spline, $x, $acc)

  • gsl_spline_eval_integ_e($spline, $a, $b, $acc)

  • gsl_spline_eval_integ($spline, $a, $b, $acc)

For more informations on the functions, we refer you to the GSL offcial documentation: http://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/manual/html_node/


Jonathan "Duke" Leto <jonathan@leto.net> and Thierry Moisan <thierry.moisan@gmail.com>


Copyright (C) 2008-2011 Jonathan "Duke" Leto and Thierry Moisan

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