Shlomi Fish


Math::GrahamFunction::SqFacts - a squaring factors vector.


This is a module for Math::GrahamFunction's internal use only.


Math::GrahamFunction::SqFacts->new({n => $n})

Initializes a squaring factors object from a number.

Math::GrahamFunction::SqFacts->new({factors => \@factors})

Initializes a squaring factors object from a list of factors.



Creates a clone of the object and returns it.


Calculates the results of the multiplication of the number represented by $n_facts and $m_facts and stores it in $n_facts (destructively).

This is actually addition in vector space.

my $result = $n->mult($m);

Non destructively calculates the multiplication and returns it.


A predicate that returns whether the factors represent a square number.


Checks whether $myfactor exists in $facts.

my $last_factor = $factors->last()

Returns the last (and greatest factor).


Returns the product of the factors.


Returns the first (and smallest) factor.


Shlomi Fish, <shlomif at>



Copyright 2007 Shlomi Fish, all rights reserved.

This program is released under the following license: MIT X11.

Note: the module meta-data says this module is released under the BSD license. However, MIT X11 is the more accurate license, and "bsd" is the closest option for the CPAN meta-data.