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Math::Random::NormalDistribution - Normally distributed random numbers.


    use Math::Random::NormalDistribution;

    # Create generator of normally distributed numbers
    # with mean 5.0 and standard deviation 3.0
    my $generator = rand_nd_generator(5.0, 3.0);

    # Generate ten numbers
    my @nums = map { $generator->() } (1..10);


This module uses Box-Muller transform to generate independent, normally distributed random fractional numbers (the normal deviates), given uniformly distributed random numbers (the source is common rand).


There's only one function in this package and it's exported by default.

rand_nd_generator($mean, $stddev)

Accepts the mean (also known as expected value, or mathematical expectation) and the standard deviation (the square root of variance). Both arguments are optional - by default, the generator returns standard numbers (with expected value 0 and standard deviation 1).

Returns a subref: reference to a function without arguments, which returns a new random number on each call.

For example, just draw a simple chart:

    use Math::Random::NormalDistribution;

    my $LINES = 10;
    my $VALUES = $LINES * 15;

    my @count = (0) x $LINES;
    my $generator = rand_nd_generator($LINES / 2, $LINES / 6);

    for (1 .. $VALUES) {
        my $x = $generator->();
        my $idx = int($x);
        next if $idx < 0 || $idx >= $LINES;

    print '|' x $_, "\n" for (@count);






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