Megaport - Simple access to the Megaport API


    use Megaport;

    # Using an existing session token
    my $mp = Megaport->new(token => 'your-session-token');

    # Using a username/password combo
    my $mp = Megaport->new(username => '', password => 's3cr3t');

    # Get a list of locations (on-net datacentres)
    my @locations = $mp->session->locations->list;

    # Get a partial list
    my @locations = $mp->session->locations->list(country => 'Australia');
    my @locations = $mp->session->locations->list(name => qr/^Digital Realty/);

    # Get a single entry
    my $global_switch = $mp->session->locations->get(id => 3);

    # Services
    my $services = $mp->session->services;

    # Other Megaports on the network
    my $ports = $mp->session->ports;


This module provides a Perl interface to the Megaport API. This is largely to fill my own requirements and for now is read only. Read/write functionality will be added over time to support service modification.



    my $mp = Megaport->new(
      token => 'your-session-token',
      uri => '',
      debug => 0,
      no_verify => 0

The fields token, username and password are all auth relatated and should be fairly self explanatory. If you're unsure about token, take a look at the Megaport docs.

debug enables extra output to STDERR during API calls. Megaport::Client by default will validate the token or user credentials by making a POST call to the Megaport API, set no_verify to stop this and speed things up.

As at this writing, the production Megaport API is at with a test environment mentioned in the documentation at If you wish to change environments, set uri.


    my $session = $mp->session;

Returns a Megaport::Session object which contains an authenticated client ready to start making calls.


  • Module/helper for per-service type to make data access easier

    • Dig into VXCs/IX from top level service

    • Access pricing/cost estimate info per service

  • Simple service modification, speed/VLAN etc

  • Helper method to link partner ports and location to make searching by city/country/region easier

  • Company object with access to users, invoices and outstanding balance


Cameron Daniel <>