Mark Grimes
and 1 contributors


Module::Build::Pluggable::PDL - Plugin to Module::Build to build PDL projets


version 0.23


    # Build.PL
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use Module::Build::Pluggable ('PDL');

    my $builder = Module::Build::Pluggable->new(
        dist_name  => 'PDL::My::Module',
        license    => 'perl',
        requires   => { },


This is a plugin for Module::Build (using Module::Build::Pluggable) that will assist in building PDL distributions. Please see the Module::Build::Authoring documentation if you are not familiar with it.

Add Prerequisites
    requires => { 'PDL' => '2.000' },
    build_requires => {
        'PDL'                => '2.000',
        'ExtUtils::CBuilder' => '0.23',

You can, or course, require your own versions of these modules by adding them to requires = {}> as usual.

Process .pd files

The lib directory of your distribution will be searched for .pd files and, immediately prior to the build phase, these will be processed by PDL::PP into .xs and .pm. files as required to continue the build process. These will then be processed by Ext::CBuilder as normal. These files are also added to the list of file to be cleaned up.

In addition, an entry will be made into provides for the .pm file of the META.json/yml files. This will assist PAUSE, and in properly indexing the distribution and

Generate .pod file from the .pd

When building the distribution (./Build dist or ./Build distdir), any .pd file found in the lib directory will converted into .pod files. This produces a standalone version of the documentation which can be viewed on,, etc. When these sites attempt to display the pod in the .pd files directly, there is often formatting and processing issues.

This is accomplished by first processing the files with PDL::PP and then perldoc -u.

Add Include Dirs
    include_dirs => PDL::Core::Dev::whereami_any() . '/Core';

The PDL/Core directory is added to the include_dirs flag.

Add Extra Linker Flags
    extra_linker_flags =>  $PDL::Config{MALLOCDBG}->{libs}
      if $PDL::Config{MALLOCDBG}->{libs};

If needed, the MALLOCDBG libs will be added to the extra_linker_flags.


This is essentially a rewrite of David Mertens' Module::Build::PDL to use Module::Build::Pluggable. The conversion to Module::Build::Pluggable fixes multiple inheritance issues with subclassing Module::Build. In particular, I needed to be able use the Module::Build::Pluggable::Fortran in my PDL projects.

Thank you David++ for Module::Build::PDL.

Of course, all of this just tweaks the Module::Build setup.


Mark Grimes, <>


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Mark Grimes, <>.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.