Module::CheckDep::Version - Compare the required version of a distribution's prerequisites against their most recent release

Module::CheckDep::Version - Compare v

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    use Module::CheckDep::Version qw(check_deps);

    # list only the author's own prereqs that have newer versions

    # list all prereqs that have newer versions by all authors

    check_deps('STEVEB', all => 1);

    # check only a single distribution

    check_deps('STEVEB', module => 'RPi::WiringPi');

    # return the data within a hash reference instead of printing

    my $info = check_deps('STEVEB', return => 1);

    # send in your own custom function to manage the data

    check_deps('STEVEB', handler => \&my_handler);

    sub my_handler {
        # this is the actual code from the default
        # handler

        my $dists = shift;
        for my $dist (keys %$dists){
            print "$dist:\n";
            for my $dep (keys %{ $dists->{$dist} }){
                print "\t$_:\n" .
                      "\t\t$dists->{$dist}{$dep}{dep_ver} -> " .
            print "\n";

    # by default, we skip over dependencies that are listed with a version of
    # 0 (zero). This version value means 'any version of this prereq is fine'.
    # You can include these in your listing if you wish

    check_deps('STEVEB', ignore_any => 0);


WARNING: It is prudent to only increase the required version of a prerequisite distribution when absolutely necessary. Please don't arbitrarily bump prereq version numbers just because newer versions of a software have been released.

This module was originally designed so that I could easily track prereqs that I wrote that my other distributions require. Again... please don't arbitrarily bump prerequisite version numbers unless there is a functional requirement to do so.

For example, my RPi::WiringPi distribution uses about a dozen other RPI:: distributions. If I update some of those (they are all stand-alone), periodically I want to check RPi::WiringPi to ensure I'm requiring the most up-to-date functionality of the individual component distributions within the top level one that includes them all.

See "checkdep" for a binary script that you can use directly instead of using this API. You can also run perldoc checkdep at the command line after installation to read its manual.

This module retrieves all CPAN distributions for a single author, extracts out all of the dependencies for each distribution, then lists all dependencies that have updated versions so you're aware which prerequisite distributions have newer releases than what is currently being required.

Can list only the prerequisites that are written by the same author, or optionally all prerequisite distributions by all authors.


We export only a single function upon request: check_deps().


check_deps($author, [%args])

Fetches a list of a CPAN author's distributions using MetaCPAN::Client, extracts out the list of each distribution's prerequisite distributions, compares the required version listed against the currently available version and either returns or prints to the screen a list of each dependency that has had newer versions published.



Mandatory, String: A valid CPAN author's user name.

    module => 'Some::Module'

Optional, String. The name of a valid CPAN distribution by the author specified. We'll only look up the results for this single distribution if this param is sent in.

    all => 1

Optional, Bool. By default, we'll only list prerequisites by the same $author. Setting this to true will list prereq version bumps required for all listed prerequisite distributions. Defaults to off/false.

    return => 1

Optional, Bool. By default we print results to STDOUT. Set this to true to have the data in hash reference form returned to you instead. Default is off/false.

    ignore_any => 0

Optional, Bool. By default, we skip over any prerequisite modules that are listed with a version of 0 (zero). This says that any version of the prerequisite module will do. Set this parameter to a false value to have those distributions listed as well. Defaults to on/true.

    handler => \&function

Optional, code reference. You can send in a reference to a function you create to handle the data. See "SYNOPSIS" for an example of the format of the single hash reference we pass into your function.


Steve Bertrand, <steveb at>


Copyright 2017 Steve Bertrand.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See for more information.