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Module::Extract::VERSION - Extract a module version safely


        use Module::Extract::VERSION;

        my $version   # just the version
                = Module::Extract::VERSION->parse_version_safely( $file );

        my @version_info # extra info
                = Module::Extract::VERSION->parse_version_safely( $file );


This module lets you pull out of module source code the version number for the module. It assumes that there is only one $VERSION in the file and the entire $VERSION statement is on the same line.

Class methods

$class->parse_version_safely( FILE );

Given a module file, return the module version. This works just like mldistwatch in PAUSE. It looks for the single line that has the $VERSION statement, extracts it, evals it in a Safe compartment, and returns the result.

In scalar context, it returns just the version as a string. In list context, it returns the list of:

        fully-qualified variable name
        version value
        file name
        line number of $VERSION


This code is in Github:


brian d foy, <>

I stole the some of this code from mldistwatch in the PAUSE code by Andreas König, but I've moved most of it around.

Andrey Starodubtsev added code to handle the v5.12 and v5.14 package syntax.


Copyright © 2008-2024, brian d foy <>. All rights reserved.

You may redistribute this under the Artistic License 2.0.