Daisuke Maki
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Module::Install::Any::Moose - Any::Moose Support For Module::Install


    use inc::Module::Install;

    # your usual stuff...

    # This will ask the user if MouseX::AttributeHelpers should be installed
    requires_any_moose 'X::AttributeHelpers'; 




Speicifies Mouse/Moose as requirements. See the next entry for details on %opts

requires_any_moose($module, %opts)

Specifies Mouse/Moose extensions as requirements.

$module should be a module name fragment, like '::Util::TypeConstraints' or 'X::AttributeHelpers'.

%opts may contain the following values:

prefer $prefix

Specify 'Moose' or 'Mouse'. This will tell Module::Install::Any::Moose to check for $prefix's version as the requirement. The other one would be an optional module.

The default is Mouse.

moose $version

Specify the Moose alternative's minimum version.

mouse $version

Specify the Mouse alternative's minimum version.

As an example, the following would require MooseX::AttributeHelpers 0.13, and MouseX::AttributeHelpers as an optional dependency:

    requires_any_moose 'X::AttributeHelpers' => (
        prefer => 'Moose',
        moose => '0.13',
        mouse => '0.01'


Daisuke Maki daisuke@endeworks.jp


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