Module::Install::Pod::Inherit - Make your distribution's POD link to where inherited methods come from, the easy way (if you use M::I).


  use Module::Install::Pod::Inherit



One problem with modern perl code with fairly deep, or complex, inheritence trees is that users don't know where to look for documentation; they think they have a Foo::Bar object, and don't know to look fo the docs in Foo::Bar::Role::Server::Cute::Uniform::Red::Hair. Pod::Inherit was written to fix that. This module is a small wrapper around Pod::Inherit to make it easy to use, at least for distributions based around Module::Install. It also forces the author of Module::Install::Pod::Inherit to worry about how to make it work best, rather then you, who just wants to have docs that are easy to understand.


Should run across lib during "make dist" time, but I can't figure out how to do that.

Probably more lurking.


Copyright 2009, James Mastros, AKA theorbtwo. Released under the same terms as Perl itself. It is based upon Module-Install-DBICx-AutoDoc-0.03, copyright 2008, Jason M. Mills (under the same license).