Module::MetaInfo::_Extractor - Base class for perl modules to get metainfo


  use Module::MetaInfo::_Extractor;
  $mod=new Module::MetaInfo::_Extractor(perl-module-file.tar.gz);


This module provides untility functions for Module::MetaInfo classes which need to extract the perl module in order to get their meta information from it.



new creates the object and initialises it. The argument is the path of the perl module distribution file.

$thing->::verbose() $thing->::scratch_dir()

These functions affect class settings (or if called for an object, only the settings of the object: afterwards that object will ignore changes to the class settings).

Currently implemented are verbose which prints debugging info and scratch_dir which sets the directory to be used for unpacking perl modules.


Setup prepares us for getting meta information. In the current implementation it does this by unpacking the distribution file. In a 'future version this function may do nothing and issue a warning, but it will continute to exist into the forseeable future.

The only reason to call this function now is to trap errors from it separately or if you delete the setup directory and want it's contents re-created.


returns the packages name, or at least an approximation


You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README.


We trust the path to the scratch directory. Make sure that nobody that you don't trust can control any of the directories up to and including the scratch directory. There shoudld be an option to test that the ownership and control is clear.


Michael De La Rue.


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