Mike Schilli
and 1 contributors


Module::Rename - Utility functions for renaming a module distribution


    # Shell:
    $ module-rename Old::Name New::Name Old-Name-Distro

    # Perl:
    use Module::Rename;

    my $ren = Module::Rename->new(
        name_old           => "Old::Name",
        name_new           => "New::Name",



Have you ever created a module distribution, only to realize later that the module hierarchary needed to be changed? All of a sudden, Cool::Frobnicator didn't sound cool anymore, but needed to be Util::Frobnicator instead?

Going through a module's distribution, changing all package names, variable names, and move the directories around can be a tedious task. Module::Rename comes with a script module-rename which takes care of all this:

    $ ls

    $ module-rename Cool::Frobnicator Util::Frobnicator Cool-Frobnicator-0.01
    Cool-Frobnicator-0.01/lib/Cool is empty and can go away.

Done. The directory hierarchy has changed:

    $ ls -R

... and so has the content of all files:

    $ grep "package" Util-Frobnicator-0.01/lib/Util/Frobnicator.pm
    package Util::Frobnicator;

Things to Keep in Mind

  • module-rename will rename files and replace their content, so make sure that you have a backup copy in case something goes horribly wrong.

  • After changing the module hierarchy, some directories might be empty, like the lib/Cool directory above. In this case, a warning will be issued:

        Cool-Frobnicator-0.01/lib/Cool is empty and can go away.

    and the 'empty' directory gets deleted (even if a CVS subdirectory is in there).


my $renamer = Module::Rename->new(...)

The renamer's constructor takes the following parameters:


Old module name.


New module name.


Reference to an array with directories to exclude from traversing. Preset to

    dir_exclude => ['blib']

but can be overridden.


Reference to an array with entries to be ignored in 'empty' directories. Even with these entries being present, a directory will be considered empty and swept away.

Preset to

        dir_ignore => ['CVS'],

but can be overridden.


If set to a true value, 'empty' (see above) subdirectories will be deleted after all renaming and restructuring is done. Defaults to true.


Start searching and replacing in $start_dir and recurse into it.


Copyright 2005 by Mike Schilli, all rights reserved. This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


2005, Mike Schilli <cpan@perlmeister.com>