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Mojo::Command::Generate::InitScript::Debian - Initscript generator for Linux Debian


        $ ./ generate help init_script debian
        usage: ./ generate init_script target_os [OPTIONS]

        These options are available:
                --output <folder>   Set folder to output initscripts
                --deploy            Deploy initscripts into OS
                                                        Either --deploy or --output=dist should be specified

                --name <name>       Ovewrite name which is used for initscript filename(s)

        Debian initscript related options:
                --should-start <applist>    defines facilities which, if present,
                                                                        should be available during startup of this service
                --should-stop <applist>     facilities which should be available
                                                                        during shutdown of this service.
                --runlevels  <runlevels>    which run levels should by default run the init script
                                                                        with a start (stop) argument to start (stop)
                                                                        (Default: 2 3 4 5)