MojoX::UserAgent::Throttler - add throttling support to Mojo::UserAgent


This document describes MojoX::UserAgent::Throttler version v1.0.3


    use MojoX::UserAgent::Throttler;
    use Sub::Throttler::SOME_ALGORITHM;

    my $throttle = Sub::Throttler::SOME_ALGORITHM->new(...);


This module helps throttle Mojo::UserAgent using Sub::Throttler.

While in most cases this module isn't needed and existing functionality of Sub::Throttler is enough to throttle Mojo::UserAgent, there are two special cases which needs extra handling - when Mojo::UserAgent object is destroyed while there are delayed requests, and when new async requests start while destroying Mojo::UserAgent object.

To handle these cases it won't be enough to just do usual:


Instead you'll have to write "custom wrapper" in Sub::Throttler plus add wrapper for Mojo::UserAgent::DESTROY. Both are provided by this module and activated when you load it.

So, when using this module you shouldn't manually call throttle_it() like shown above - just use this module and then setup throttling algorithms as you need and apply them to "start" in Mojo::UserAgent - this will let you throttle all (sync/async, GET/POST/etc.) requests. Use "apply_to" in Sub::Throttler::algo to customize throttling based on request method, hostname, etc.


    use MojoX::UserAgent::Throttler;
    use Sub::Throttler::Limit;
    my $throttle = Sub::Throttler::Limit->new(limit=>5);
    # Example policy:
    # - don't throttle sync calls
    # - throttle async GET requests by host
    # - throttle other async requests by method, per $ua object
    # I.e. allow up to 5 parallel GET requests to each host globally for
    # all Mojo::UserAgent objects plus up to 5 parallel non-GET requests
    # per each Mojo::UserAgent object.
    $throttle->apply_to(sub {
        my ($this, $name, @params) = @_;
        if (ref $this eq 'Mojo::UserAgent') {
            my ($tx, $cb) = @params;
            if (!$cb) {
            } elsif ('GET' eq uc $tx->req->method) {
                return { $tx->req->url->host => 1 };
            } else {
                return { "$this " . uc $tx->req->method => 1 };


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