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Mojolicious::Command::coverage - Run your application with coverage statistics



    ./ coverage [application arguments]

    -h, --help                Shows this help
    -c, --cover-args <args>   Options for Devel::Cover
    -d, --deanon-args <args>  Options for Devel::Deanonymize (set to 0 to disable Devel::Deanonymize)

    Application Options
    - All parameters not matching [OPTIONS] are forwarded to the mojo application


Starts your mojo application with Devel::Cover and optionally Devel::Deanonymize. In short this command does the following:

    ./ coverage [application arguments]
    # Is translated to
    perl -I $INC[0] ... - I $INC[N] -MDevel::Cover=$coverageConfig -MDevel::Deanonymize=$deanonConfig [application arguments]


Runtime configuration for both modules are either passed through the command-line arguments or by specifying has sections in your application:

    has coverageConfig => sub{
        return "-ignore,t/,+ignore,prove,+ignore,thirdparty/,-coverage,statement,branch,condition,path,subroutine";

    has deanonymizeConfig => sub {
        return "<Include-pattern>"

If both are present, command-line args are preferred. If none of them are present, we fall-back to these default values:




ref $self-app> ( -> Resolves to your application name)


    # (with `has` sections or default config)
    ./ coverage daemon --listen "http://*:8888"

    # (with args)
    ./ coverage -d MyPattern* daemon --listen "http://*:8888"


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