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Mojolicious::Command::generate::lexicont - Mojolicious Lexicon Translation Generator


    # You write and generate
    # All the lexicon described in will translate.
    ./script/my_app generate lexicont en fr
    # You write and generate, and
    # All the lexicon described in will translate.
    ./script/my_app generate lexicont en de fr ru

    # You write and generate,, and
    # Difference between and will translate.
    ./script/my_app generate lexicont en de fr ru


Mojolicious::Command::generate::lexicont is lexicon translation generator.

Mojolicious::Plugin::I18N is standard I18N module for Mojolicious. For example English, you must make lexicon file in the package Myapp::I18N::en. This module is lexicon file generator from one language to specified languages using Lingua::Translate. So you can customize translation service.

It is not convenient every time all the lexicons are translated. Write the lexicon in the package Myapp::I18N::org, and generate only difference parts.

Support front end JavaScript lexicon library l10n.js <> If you want to generate a lexicon file of l10n.js , please attach a json option in the configuration file.


Create config file lexicont.conf on your project home directory.


{ lingua_translate => { back_end => "InterTran", }, sleep => 5, }

sleep parameter is for access interval.


{ lingua_translate => { back_end => "BingWrapper", client_id => "YOUR_CLIENT_ID", client_secret => "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET" } }


{ lingua_translate => { back_end => "Google", api_key => "YOUR_API_KEY", } }

#Google with JSON lexicon output

{ lingua_translate => { back_end => "Google", api_key => "YOUR_API_KEY", }, json => 1 }


Copyright (C) dokechin.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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