Mojolicious::Plugin::RenderFile - "render_file" helper for Mojolicious


    # Mojolicious

    # Mojolicious::Lite
    plugin 'RenderFile';

    # In controller
    $self->render_file('filepath' => '/tmp/files/file.pdf'); # file name will be "file.pdf"

    # Provide any file name
    $self->render_file('filepath' => '/tmp/files/file.pdf', 'filename' => 'report.pdf');

    # Render data from memory as file
    $self->render_file('data' => 'some data here', 'filename' => 'report.pdf');

    # Open file in browser(do not show save dialog)
        'filepath' => '/tmp/files/file.pdf',
        'format'   => 'pdf',                 # will change Content-Type "application/x-download" to "application/pdf"
        'content_disposition' => 'inline',   # will change Content-Disposition from "attachment" to "inline"
        'cleanup'  => 1,                     # delete file after completed


Mojolicious::Plugin::RenderFile is a Mojolicious plugin that adds "render_file" helper. It does not read file in memory and just streaming it to a client.



    $self->render_file(filepath => '/tmp/files/file.pdf', 'filename' => 'report.pdf' );

With this helper you can easily provide files for download. By default "Content-Type" header is "application/x-download" and "content_disposition" option value is "attachment". Therefore, a browser will ask where to save file. You can provide "format" option to change "Content-Type" header.

Supported Options:


Path on the filesystem to the file. You must always pass "filepath" or "data" option


Binary content which will be transferred to browser. You must always pass "filepath" or "data" option

filename (optional)

Browser will use this name for saving the file

format (optional)

The "Content-Type" header is based on the MIME type mapping of the "format" option value. These mappings can be easily extended or changed with "types" in Mojolicious.

By default "Content-Type" header is "application/x-download"

content_disposition (optional)

Tells browser how to present the file.

"attachment" (default) - is for dowloading

"inline" - is for showing file inline

cleanup (optional)

Indicates if the file should be deleted when rendering is complete

This plugin respects HTTP Range headers.


Viktor Turskyi <>


Nils Diewald (Akron) Danil Greben (SDSWanderer)


Please report any bugs or feature requests to Github


Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Guides,

Copyright 2011 Viktor Turskyi

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

See for more information.