MooX::ProtectedAttributes - Create attribute only usable inside your package


version 0.03


You can use it in a role (Moo, Moose, Mo with a trick)

  package myRole;
  use Moo::Role;
  use MooX::ProtectedAttributes;

  protected_has 'foo' => (is => 'ro');

  sub display_foo { print shift->foo, "\n" }


Or also directly in you class

  package myApp;
  use Moo;
  use MooX::ProtectedAttributes;

  protected_has 'bar' => (is => 'ro');

  sub display_bar { print shift->bar, "\n" }



  myApp->bar         # croak
  myApp->display_bar # 123


It happend that you may want to create a class with private attributes that can't be used outside this package.

For example, you want to create in lazy, a DB connection, but you want to handle it in your class in a specific way (with possible handle of errors ....). You really want, even with the "_" before your attribute (which mean private), to avoid access of this attribute by any other packages.

The goal of this package is to allow the init of the private attribute, but forbid reading from outside the package.

With a protected attribute named "foo" for example, you can't do this outside the current package or any package that consume it :

  my $foo = $myObj->foo;



But this method is allowed inside the package where it has been declared.



The method provide 2 methods :


Like a "has", disable read access outside the current class.


Instead of dying, it will display a DEPRECATED message and run as usual. This allow you to alert user of the protected method to fix their program before you forbid the access to the attribute.

unless attribute option

You can use the "unless" => sub { $condition } option to your attribute.

If the condition match, the attribute will not generate any warnings or die

  protect_has "foo" => (is => 'ro'), unless => sub { $ENV{SKIP_WARNING} };

  $myObj->foo # croak
        local $ENV{SKIP_WARNING} = 1;
    $myObj->foo # works

You can use it for your test, or may be to match some condition like 'OK if it is call from this package'


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