MooX::Thunking - Allow Moo attributes to be "thunked"


  package Thunking;
  use Moo;
  use MooX::Thunking;
  use Types::TypeTiny -all;
  use Types::Standard -all;
  has children => (
    is => 'thunked',
    isa => ArrayRef[InstanceOf['Thunking']],
    required => 1,

  package main;
  my $obj;
  $obj = Thunking->new(children => sub { [$obj] });


This is a Moo extension. It allows another value for the is parameter to "has" in Moo: "thunked". If used, this will allow you to transparently provide either a real value for the attribute, or a "CodeLike" in Types::TypeTiny that when called will return such a real value.

Note that in earlier versions of this module (up to 0.06), any isa had to pass a CodeLike. This is now taken care of by this module. It will continue to do the right thing if no isa is supplied.


Ed J


The same terms as Perl itself.