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MooseX::Attribute::Deflator::Meta::Role::Attribute - Attribute meta role to support deflation


version 2.2.2


  package Test;

  use Moose;
  use DateTime;

  use MooseX::Attribute::Deflator;

  deflate 'DateTime', via { $_->epoch };
  inflate 'DateTime', via { DateTime->from_epoch( epoch => $_ ) };

  no MooseX::Attribute::Deflator;

  has now => ( is => 'rw', 
               isa => 'DateTime', 
               required => 1, 
               default => sub { DateTime->now }, 
               traits => ['Deflator'] );

  package main;
  my $obj = Test->new;
  my $attr = $obj->meta->get_attribute('now');
  my $deflated = $attr->deflate($obj);
  # $deflated is now a number
  my inflated = $attr->inflate($obj, $deflated);
  # $inflated is now a DateTime object


These two methods work basically the same. They look up the type constraint which is associated with the attribute and try to find an appropriate deflator/inflator. If there is no deflator/inflator for the exact type constraint, the method will bubble up the type constraint hierarchy until it finds one.


Returns the deflated value of the attribute. It does not change the value of the attribute.

$attr->inflate($instance, $string)

Inflates a string $string. This method does not set the value of the attribute to the inflated value.

$attr->has_inflator =item $attr->has_deflator


Moritz Onken


This software is Copyright (c) 2012 by Moritz Onken.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The (three-clause) BSD License