Simon Wistow
and 1 contributors


Movie::Info - get meta data from various format movie files


        my $mi = Movie::Info->new || die "Couldn't find an mplayer to use\n";

        foreach my $file (@ARGV) {
                my %info = $mi->info($file) || warn "Couldn't read info from $file\n" && next;
                print "$file (WxH) - $info{width}x$info{height}\n"; 



Movie::Info is a thin layer around MPlayer's --identify command line flag. As such it can only give you as much information as Mplayer is able to give you which is down to the quality and number of codecs you have installed.

MPlayer is available from

This module is largely based on the midentify script shipped with MPlayer.


new [path to mplayer]

Returns a new Movie::Info instance or undef if it can't find an mplayer binary.

To find a binary it looks in three places - firstly if you've passed in a path to look at it checks there, secondly at the environment variable $MOVIE_INFO_MPLAYER_PATH and then finally it searches your $PATH like the standard which command in Unix.

info <filename>

Returns a hash representing all the meta data we can garner about file.

Returns undef if it can't read the file.


Simon Wistow <>


Copyright 2005, Simon Wistow

Released under the same terms as Perl itself.