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Music::Audioscrobbler::Submit - Module providing routines to submit songs to last.fm using 1.2 protocol.


    use Music::Audioscrobbler::Submit
    my $mpds = Music::Audioscrobbler::Submit->new(\%options); 



Music::Audioscrobbler::Submit is a scrobbler for MPD implementing the 1.2 protocol, including "Now Playing' feature.

Items are submitted and stored in a queue. This queue is stored as a file using Tie::File. When you submit a track, it will add the queue to the track and process the queue. If it submits all items in the queue, the submit() method will return true. A method called process_scrobble_queue() allows you to try again in case of failure. Do not submit songs more than once!


    my $mas = Music::Audioscrobbler::Submit->new($options);

Get or set options via hash. Here is a list of available options:


lastfm username


lastfm password. Not needed if lastfm_md5password is set.


MD5 hash of lastfm password.


Client ID provided by last.fm. Defaults to "tst", which is valid for testing only.


Set to the version of your program when setting a valid client_id. Defaults to "1.0"


Set verbosity level (1 through 4)


File to output log info to. If set to "STDERR" or undef, will print messages to STDERR. If set to "STDOUT" will print messages to STDOUT.


Path to file to queue info to. Defaults to ~/.musicaudioscrobbler_queue


Use the Music::Tag::MusicBrainz plugin to get missing "mbid" value. Defaults false.


True if you want to use Music::Tag to get info from file. This is important if you wish to use filenames to submit from.


True if you want to Music::Tag info to override file info. Defaults to false, which with the unicode problems with Music::Tag is a good thing.


Options for Music::Tag


URL for proxy_server in the form http://my.proxy.ca:8080


Returns a reference to the default options.


Takes a file, hashref, or Music::Tag object and submits the song to Last.FM now playing info. For example:


The hash reference is of the form:

        { artist   => "Artist Name",   # Mandatory
          title    => "Song Title"     # Mandatory
          secs     => 300,             # Length of time in seconds (integers only please). Mandatory
          album    => "Album",         # Optional
          tracknum => 12,              # Optional
          mbid     => '6299a467-95bc-4bc1-925d-71c4e556770d'  # Optional

To submit a song pass an arrayref whose first entry is a File, Music::Tag object, or hashref (see now_playing()) for format) and whose second entry is an integer representing the seconds since epoch (UNIX time). Several songs can be submitted simultaneously. For example:

    $mas->submit->(["/path/to/file.mp3", time]);


    $mas->submit->( ["/var/mp3s/song1.mp3", time - 600 ], 
                    ["/var/mp3s/song2.mp3", time - 300 ], 
                    ["/var/mp3s/song3.mp3", time ] );

Returns true if song was scrobbled, false otherwise. submit calls process_scrobble_queue(). If it fails, process_scrobble_queue() can be called again.

The following is taken from http://www.audioscrobbler.net/development/protocol/:

The client should monitor the user's interaction with the music playing service to whatever extent the service allows. In order to qualify for submission all of the following criteria must be met:

1. The track must be submitted once it has finished playing. Whether it has finished playing naturally or has been manually stopped by the user is irrelevant.

2. The track must have been played for a duration of at least 240 seconds or half the track's total length, whichever comes first. Skipping or pausing the track is irrelevant as long as the appropriate amount has been played.

3. The total playback time for the track must be more than 30 seconds. Do not submit tracks shorter than this.

4. Unless the client has been specially configured, it should not attempt to interpret filename information to obtain metadata instead of tags (ID3, etc).


Processes the current scrobble queue. Call this if submit fails and you wish to try again. Do not resubmit a song.


Perform handshake with Last.FM. You don't need to call this, it will be called by submit() or now_playing() when necessary.


Get or set the current options for new Music::Tag objects.


Glob reference (or IO::File) to current log file. If passed a value, will use this instead of what the logfile option is set to. Any glob reference that can be printed to will work (that's all we ever do).


Print to log. First argument is a level (0 - 4). For example:

    $mas->status($level, @message);

Returns a reference to the current scrobble_queue. This is a tied hash using Tie::File. Useful to found out how many items still need to be scrobbled after a failed submit().


Returns the LWP::UserAgent used. If passed a value, will use that as the new LWP::UserAgent object.


Takes a filename, hashref, or Music::Tag object and returns a hash with the structure required by submit() or now_playing. Normally this is called automatically by submit() or now_playing. See now_playing for syntax of hash.


    my $hash = $mas->info_to_hash("/path/to/mp3/file.mp3");

is functionally equivalent to

    my $hash = $mas->info_to_hash(Music::Tag->new("/path/to/mp3/file.mp3", $mas->music_tag_opts() ));


Music::Tag, Music::Audioscrobbler::MPD


Release Name: 0.05
  • Added new option: proxy_server to set proxy_server. Also now reads proxy server from enviroment.

Release Name: 0.04
  • I noticed that Music::Tag was called with a use function. Removed this line to remove Music::Tag requirement.

  • Added some more level 4 debuging messages.

Release Name: 0.03
  • Added musictag_overwrite option. This is false by default. It is a workaround for problems with Music::Tag and unicode. Setting this to true allows Music::Tag info to overwrite info from MPD. Do not set this to true until Music::Tag returns proper unicode consistantly.

Release Name: 0.02
  • Will print error and die if lastfm_password is not set.

  • Will print error and die if BADAUTH is received.

Release Name: 0.01
  • Initial Release


Edward Allen III <ealleniii _at_ cpan _dot_ org>


Copyright (c) 2007,2008 Edward Allen III. Some rights reserved.


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b) the "Artistic License" which comes with Perl.

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