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Music::Duration - Add 32nd, 64th, 128th and tuplet durations to MIDI-Perl


version 0.0901


  use Music::Duration;

  # 5 divisions in place of an eighth note triplet:
  Music::Duration::tuplet( 'ten', 'Z', 5 );

  # Add an arbitrary duration:
  Music::Duration::add_duration( phi => 1.618 );

  # Now inspect the known lengths:
  my %x = %MIDI::Simple::Length;
  print Dumper [ map { "$_ => $x{$_}" } sort { $x{$a} <=> $x{$b} } keys %x ];

  # Use the new durations in a composition:
  my $black_page = MIDI::Simple->new_score();
  # ...
  $black_page->n( 'Zten', 38 ) for 1 .. 5;
  $black_page->n( 'phi', 38 ) for 1 .. 4;


This module adds 32nd, 64th, and 128th notes, triplet and dotted divisions to %MIDI::Simple::Length. It also computes and inserts a fractional note division of an existing duration. Additionally, this module will insert any named note duration to the length hash.

32nd durations added:

    xn: thirty-second note
   dxn: dotted thirty-second note
  ddxn: double dotted thirty-second note
   txn: thirty-second note triplet

64th durations added:

    yn: sixty-fourth note
   dyn: dotted sixty-fourth note
  ddyn: double dotted sixty-fourth note
   tyn: sixty-fourth note triplet

128th durations added:

    zn: 128th note
   dzn: dotted 128th note
  ddzn: double dotted 128th note
   tzn: 128th note triplet


tuple, tuplet

  Music::Duration::tuplet( 'qn', 'Z', 5 );
  # $score->n( 'Zqn', ... );

  Music::Duration::tuplet( 'wn', 'Z', 7 );
  # $score->n( 'Zwn', ... );

Add a fractional division to the MIDI::Simple Length hash for a given name and duration.

Musically, this creates a series of notes in place of the given duration.

A triplet is a "3-tuplet."

So in the first example, instead of a quarter note, we instead play 5 beats - a 5-tuple. In the second, instead of a whole note (of four beats), we instead play 7 beats.


  Music::Duration::add_duration( $name => $duration );

This function just adds a named duration length to %MIDI::Simple::Length so that it can be used to add notes or rests to the score.


The code in t/01-functions.t and eg/* in this distribution

The %Length hash in MIDI::Simple


Gene Boggs <>


This software is copyright (c) 2022 by Gene Boggs.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.