MySQL::Hi - Credentials for MySQL/MariaDB from config files


    my $hi = MySQL::Hi->new(
        user => $user,
        config => '/path/to/config.conf' );

    # Command line options
    my @options = $hi->get_options( $db, $mode );

    # DSN
    my ( $dsn, $user, $password ) = $hi->get_dsn();


The module to read config with credentials for MySQL/MariaDB conection.

It does NOT do any MySQL/MariaDB connections, it is ONLY needed to read a config file and return credentials, comannd line options for MySQL/MariaDB client, or DSN for DBD::mysql driver.


new( [user => $user,] [config => $config ] )

Creates an object.


Username to connect to DB. If omitted, curent username is taken.


Path to a cofigfile. By default it searces for the file mysqlhi.conf in user's home directory. See "Config file" in mysqlhi for config file format.

NOTE: I only tested it on Debian and Ubuntu. I have not tested it on other operating systems. As long as it uses File::HomeDir it should, in theory, work on other OSes too. If it does not, your patches are welcome.

get_options( $db[, $mode] )

Returns a list of parameters which can be directly used for the command exec:

    exec 'mysql', $hi->get_options( $db, $mode );

NOTE: exec should be used with multiple parameters. This will make sure that all parameters are passed to the command correctly, and it will run mysql directly without sh -c predicate. As a useful side effect, in the list of processes your MySQL/MariaDB client will not show password.

The method accepts two parameters: $db (database name) and $mode (Optional, used to specify credentials for a certain mod). See mysqlhi for information about modes.

get_dsn( $db[, $mode] )

Accepts the same parameter as get_credentials, Returns DSN, username and password which can be used directly in DBI-connect()>:

    DBI->conect( $hi->get_dsn( $db, $mode ) )
get_credentials( [ $db, $mode] ] )

With no param it return all parsed credentials from the config file.

If $db and $mode are provided, return a hashref with credentials for this databade in this mode.


Not reported... Yet...




Andrei Pratasavitski <>


    This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the same terms as Perl itself.