Net::ACME::Challenge::Pending::http_01 - unhandled http-01 challenge


    use Net::ACME::Challenge::Pending::http_01 ();

    my $challenge = Net::ACME::Challenge::Pending::http_01->new(

        #i.e., from the ACME new-authz call
        uri => 'https://post/url/for/challenge',
        token => 'sdgflih4we',

        my $handler = $challenge->create_handler(
            $jwk,    #public

        #Suggest verification that the URI matches content.
        #cf. docs for Net::ACME

        my $acme = Net::ACME::SomeService->new();

        #wait until the challenge’s authz is resolved

    #Once $handler goes out of scope, the filesystem preparation is undone.


This class handles responses to http-01 challenges, specifically by facilitating easy setup and teardown of proper domain control validation (DCV) files within a given document root.

To work with challenges that have been handled (successfully or not), see Net::ACME::Challenge.