Net::ACME::HTTP_Tiny - HTTP client for Net::ACME


    use Net::ACME::HTTP_Tiny;

    my $http = Net::ACME::HTTP_Tiny->new();

    #NOTE: Unlike HTTP::Tiny’s method, this will die() if the HTTP
    #session itself fails--for example, if the network connection was
    #interrupted. These will be Net::ACME::X::HTTP::Network instances.
    #This also fails on HTTP errors (4xx and 5xx). The errors are
    #instances of Net::ACME::X::HTTP::Protocol.
    my $resp_obj = $http->post_form( $the_url, \%the_form_post );


This module largely duplicates the work of HTTP::Tiny::UA, just without the dependency on (which brings in a mess of other undesirables).

The chief benefit is that request() and related methods will return instances of HTTP::Tiny::UA::Response rather than simple hashes.

This also always verifies remote SSL connections and always die()s if either the network connection fails or the protocol indicates an error (4xx or 5xx).