Net::AS2::PSGI::File - Base class for managing files in the AS2 PSGI application


$file = $class->new($message_id, $logger)

Returns an object for handling files used with the AS2 PSGI application.


$message_id = $self->message_id( $id )

Set, if given $id, or get the current message_id.

$file = $self->file( $dir, $ext )

Return suitable file name in the given directory, dir, using the associated message id and optional extension, ext.

$self->logger( $level, $text )

Outputs a message to the PSGI logger at the given level, if a PSGI logger has been defined.

The full message output format is set to the logger with the given level:

 <message_id> : text
$self->write( $file, $content )

Writes $content to $file.