Net::BitTorrent::Protocol::BEP23 - Packet Utilities for BEP10: Extension Protocol


    use Net::BitTorrent::Protocol::BEP10 qw[all];
    my $index = build_extended(
                                  {m => {'ut_pex' => 1, "\xC2\xB5T_PEX" => 2},
                                   p => 30,
                                   reqq   => 30,
                                   v      => "Net::BitTorrent r0.30",
                                   yourip => "\x7F\0\0\1",


The intention of this protocol is to provide a simple and thin transport for extensions to the bittorrent protocol. Supporting this protocol makes it easy to add new extensions without interfering with the standard BitTorrent protocol or clients that don't support this extension or the one you want to add.

Importing from Net::BitTorrent::Protocol::BEP10

There are three tags available for import. To get them all in one go, use the :all tag.


Packet types

For more on what these packets actually mean, see the Extension Protocol spec. This is a list of the currently supported packet types.


These create packets ready-to-send to remote peers. See Building Functions.


These are used to parse unknown data into sensible packets. The same packet types we can build, we can also parse. See Parsing Functions.

Building Functions

build_extended ( $msgID, $data )

Creates an extended protocol packet.

$msgID should be 0 if you are creating a handshake packet, >0 if an extended message as specified by the handshake is being created.

$data should be a HashRef of appropriate data.

Parsing Functions

These are the parsing counterparts for the build_ functions.

When the packet is invalid, a hash reference is returned with a single key: error. The value is a string describing what went wrong.

Return values for valid packets are explained below.

parse_extended( $data )

Returns an integer ID and a HashRef containing the packet's payload.

See Also - Fast Extension


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