Net::CLI::Interact::Action - Sent data or matched response from connected device


This class is used internally by Net::CLI::Interact and it's unlikely that an end-user will need to make use of Action objects directly. The interface is documented here as a matter of record.

An Action object represents either some kind of text or command to send to a connected device, or a regular expression matching the response from a connected device. Such Actions are built up into ActionSets which describe a conversation with the connected device.

If the Action is a send type, then after execution it can be cloned and augmented with the response text of the command. If the response is likely to be paged, then the Action may also store instruction in how to trigger and consume the pages.



Denotes the kind of Action, which may be send or match.


In the case of send, a String command to send to the device. In the case of match, a regular expression reference to match response from the device. In special circumstances an array reference of regular expression references is also valid, and each will be checked for a match against the device response.


Only applies to the send kind. Whether to skip appending the output record separator (newline) to the send command when sent to the connected device.


Only applies to the send kind. When response output is likely to be paged, this stores an ActionSet that contains two Actions: one for the match which indicates output has paused at the end of a page, and one for the send command which triggers printing of the next page.


Only applies to the send kind, and contains a list of parameters which are substituted into the value using Perl's sprintf function. Insufficient parameters causes sprintf to die.


Only applies to the send kind, and returns the number of parameters which are required for the current value. Used for error checking when setting params.


A stash for the returned prompt which matched and triggered the end of this action.


A stash for the returned output following a send command, but not including the matched prompt which ended the action. This slot is used by the match action as it slurps output, but the content is then transferred over to the partner send in the ActionSet.


When a command is successfully issued, the response is terminated by a prompt. However that prompt can be one of a list, defined in the Action. This slot records the regular expression from that list which was actually matched.


Returns a new Action, which is a shallow clone of the existing one. All the reference based slots will share data, but you can add (for example) a response without affecting the original Action. Used when preparing to execute an Action which has been retrieved from the Phrasebook.