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Net::CLI::Interact::Transport::Telnet - TELNET based CLI connection


version 2.141520


This module provides a wrapped instance of a TELNET client for use by Net::CLI::Interact.



On Windows platforms you must download the plink.exe program, and pass its location to the library in this parameter. On other platforms, this defaults to telnet.


Based on the connect_options hash provided to Net::CLI::Interact on construction, selects and formats parameters to provide to app on the command line. Supported attributes:

host (required)

Host name or IP address of the host to which the TELNET application is to connect.


Port number on the host which is listening for the TELNET connection. Defaults to 23.


If you want to pass any other options to the Telnet application, then use this option, which should be an array reference.

On Windows platforms, each item on the list will be passed to the plink.exe application, separated by a single space character. On Unix platforms, if depends whether you have IO::Pty installed (which in turn depends on a compiler). Typically, the Net::Telnet library is used for TELNET connections, so the list can be any options taken by its new() constructor. Otherwise the local telnet application is used.


Only used on Unix platforms, this installs a signal handler which attempts to reap the ssh child process. Pass a true value to enable this feature only if you notice zombie processes are being left behind after use.


See the following for further interface details:


Oliver Gorwits <oliver@cpan.org>


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