Net::Cisco::FMC::v1 - Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC) API version 1 client library


version 0.006001


    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use Net::Cisco::FMC::v1;
    use Data::Dumper::Concise;

    my $fmc = Net::Cisco::FMC::v1->new(
        server      => '',
        user        => 'admin',
        passwd      => '$password',
        clientattrs => { timeout => 30 },

    # login to populate domains

    # list all domain uuids and names
    print Dumper($fmc->domains);
    # switch domain


This module is a client library for the Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC) REST API version 1. Currently it is developed and tested against FMC version



Returns a list of hashrefs containing name and uuid of all domains which gets populated by "login".


The UUID of the domain which is used by all methods.



Logs into the FMC by fetching an authentication token via http basic authentication.


Refreshes the session by loging in again (not using the refresh token) and restores the currently set domain_uuid.


Takes an access policy id, a hashref of the rule which should be created and optional query parameters.


Takes an access policy id and query parameters and returns a hashref with a single key 'items' that has a list of access rules similar to the FMC API.


Takes an access policy id, rule id and query parameters and returns the access rule.


Takes an access policy id, rule object and a hashref of the rule and returns a hashref of the updated access rule.


Takes an access policy id and a rule object id.

Returns true on success.


Takes optional query parameters and returns a hashref with a single key 'items' that has a list of deployable devices similar to the FMC API.


Takes a hashref of deployment parameters.

Returns the created task in the ->{metadata}->{task} hashref.


Takes a task id and returns its status.


Takes a task id and an optional callback and checks its status every second until it isn't in-progress any more. The in-progress status is different for each task type, currently only 'DEVICE_DEPLOYMENT' is supported. The callback coderef which is called for every check with the task as argument.

Returns the task.


Takes a ProtocolPortObject and renames it to protocol_port, e.g. tcp_443. If it has no port 'any' is used instead of the port number no avoid 'predefined name' errors. Returns the ProtocolPortObject with the updated attributes.


Takes a ICMPv4Object and renames it to protocol_type[_code], e.g. icmp_8_0. If it has no code only protocol and type is used.


removes '_Mask32' from the name
removes the description if it is 'Created during ASA Migration'


Takes an access policy name and a hashref of optional arguments.

Optional arguments


Defaults to access policy name with the postfix '-cleaned'.


Gets passed the rule number and rule object and must return the new rule name.

Creates a new access policy with the target name containing all rules of the input access policy but cleaned by the following rules:

the commentHistoryList is omitted
replace autogenerated DM_INLINE_ NetworkGroups by their content

Only if they don't contain more than 50 items because of the current limit in FMC.

replace autogenerated DM_INLINE_ PortObjectGroups by their content
optional: the rule name is generated

By passing a coderef named 'rule_name_coderef' in the optional arguments hashref.

The new access policy is created with a defaultAction of:

    action          => 'BLOCK'
    logBegin        => true
    sendEventsToFMC => true

This is mainly for access policies migrated by the Cisco Firepower Migration Tool from a Cisco ASA.

Supports resuming.


Older FMC versions have bugs like:

truncated JSON responses

No workaround on client side possible, only a FMC update helps.

no response to the 11th call (version

No workaround on client side because newer FMC versions (at least throttle the login call too.

accessrule is created but error 'You do not have the required authorization to do this operation' is thrown (version 6.2.2)

No workaround on client side possible, only a FMC update helps.


Alexander Hartmaier <>


This software is copyright (c) 2018 - 2020 by Alexander Hartmaier.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.