Net::Curl::Compat -- compatibility layer for WWW::Curl


 @@ -2,6 +2,8 @@
  use strict;
  use warnings;

 +# support both Net::Curl (default) and WWW::Curl
 +BEGIN { eval { require Net::Curl::Compat; } }
  use WWW::Curl::Easy 4.15;
  use WWW::Curl::Multi;


Net::Curl::Compat lets you use Net::Curl in applications and modules that normally use WWW::Curl. There are several ways to accomplish it:


Execute an application through perl with -MNet::Curl::Compat argument:

 perl -MNet::Curl::Compat APPLICATION [ARGUMENTS]

CODE, use Net::Curl by default

Add this line before including any WWW::Curl modules:

 BEGIN { eval { require Net::Curl::Compat; } }

This will try to preload Net::Curl, but won't fail if it isn't available.

CODE, use WWW::Curl by default

Add those lines before all the others that use WWW::Curl:

     eval { require WWW::Curl; }
     require Net::Curl::Compat if $@;

This will try WWW::Curl first, but will fallback to Net::Curl if that fails.


If you want to write compatible code, DO NOT USE Net::Curl::Compat during development. This module hides all the incompatibilities, but does not disable any of the features that are unique to Net::Curl. You could end up using methods that do not yet form part of official WWW::Curl distribution.


Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Przemyslaw Iskra <sparky at>.

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