Author image Shane Landrum


Net::ICal -- Interface to RFC2445 (iCalendar) calendaring and scheduling protocol.


  use Net::ICal;


Net::ICal is a collection of Perl modules for manipulating iCalendar (RFC2445) calendar data.

As of the 0.15 release, most of the functionality you want to find out about is in Net::ICal::Calendar. See its manpages for more details.

This is ALPHA QUALITY SOFTWARE; it is under active development and is not fully functional. For more information, see


None for now; see Net::ICal::Calendar.


First, look at the files in the examples/ directory of the distribution to see some ways of using Net::ICal.

The following modules make up the bulk of the functionality of Net::ICal. You should read their individual perldoc to see how they work.

  • Net::ICal::Alarm

  • Net::ICal::Attendee

  • Net::ICal::Calendar

  • Net::ICal::Component

  • Net::ICal::Duration

  • Net::ICal::ETJ

  • Net::ICal::Event

  • Net::ICal::Freebusy

  • Net::ICal::Journal

  • Net::ICal::Period

  • Net::ICal::Property

  • Net::ICal::Recurrence

  • Net::ICal::Time

  • Net::ICal::Timezone (with N::I::Standard and N::I::Daylight)

  • Net::ICal::Todo

  • Net::ICal::Trigger