Net::Nmsg - Perl extension for the NMSG message interchange library


  # The primary interface involves using the IO object; an IO
  # object can be assigned multiple inputs and outputs and
  # relies on the underlying threaded library to distribute
  # messages from the inputs to the outputs.

  use Net::Nmsg::IO;

  my $io = Net::Nmsg::IO->new();

  my $c = 0;

  my $cb = sub {
    my $msg = shift;
    print join(' ', "msg $c :", $msg->msgtype), "\n";
    print $msg->as_str, "\n\n";



  # Another way of using the interface is through individual
  # input and output objects, handling the messsage distribution
  # loop in perl itself. Input and output handles are similar
  # to IO::Handle objects in how they can be used.

  use Net::Nmsg::Input;

  my $h = Net::Nmsg::Input->open('infile.nmsg');
  while (my $msg = <$h>) {

  # alternatively...

  my $io = Net::Nmsg::Input->open('infile.nmsg');


Net::Nmsg is a perl binding to libnmsg, the reference implementation of the NMSG binary structured message interchange format. The NMSG documentation describes the format as:

    The NMSG format is an efficient encoding of typed, structured data
    into payloads which are packed into containers which can be
    transmitted over the network or stored to disk. Each payload is
    associated with a specific message schema. Modules implementing a
    certain message schema along with functionality to convert between
    binary and presentation formats can be loaded at runtime by
    libnmsg. nmsgtool provides a command line interface to control the
    transmission, storage, creation, and conversion of NMSG payloads.

The modules of primary use are Net::Nmsg::IO, Net::Nmsg::Input, and Net::Nmsg::Output. Individual messages are handled through a type specific subclass of Net::Nmsg::Msg depending on what vendor plugins are present on the host system.


Net::Nmsg::IO, Net::Nmsg::Input, Net::Nmsg::Output, Net::WDNS, nmsgtool(1)

The nmsg library can be downloaded from:

The pcap library can be downloaded from:


Matthew Sisk, <>


Copyright (C) 2010-2015 by Carnegie Mellon University

Use of the Net-Silk library and related source code is subject to the terms of the following licenses:

GNU Public License (GPL) Rights pursuant to Version 2, June 1991 Government Purpose License Rights (GPLR) pursuant to DFARS 252.227.7013


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