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Net::Prizm - Perl client interface to Motorola Canopy Prizm


use Net::Prizm; use Net::Prizm qw(CustomerInfo LogEventInfo ClientDevice ConfigurationTemplate ElementLinkInfo Network PerformanceData);

$prizm = new Net::Prizm { url => '', namespace => 'CustomerIfService', username => 'prizmuser', password => 'associatedpassword', }

$err_or_som = $prizm->getCustomers(['import_id'], ['50'], ['<']);

if (ref($err_or_som)){ my $result = $err_or_som->result; foreach my $customer (@$result) { print $customer->contact, "\n"; } }else{ print "$err_or_som\n"; }


Net::Prizm is a module implementing a Perl interface to Motorola's Canopy Prizm SOAP interface. It is compatible with version 3.0r1 of that software and requires the WSDL from Motorola.

Net::Prizm enables you to simply access the SOAP interface of your Prizm server.


Import the Net::Prizm module with

use Net::Prizm (@list_of_classes);

Net::Prizm will create any of the following classes for you

CustomerInfo LogEventInfo PrizmElement ClientDevice ConfigurationTemplate ElementLinkInfo Network PerformanceData



Creates a new Prizm object. HASHREF should contain the keys url, namespace, username, and password for the URL of the Prizm SOAP proxy, the namespace of the methods you would like to call, and the username and password for basic authentication.


All Prizm methods may be invoked as methods of the Net::Prizm object. The return value is either the fault string in the event of an error or a SOAP::SOM object.


  SOAP::Lite, SOAP::SOM for information about Canopy and
Prizm. for the ISP billing and provisioning system
  which provoked the need for this module.


No explicit handling of types other than CustomerInfo. Namespace promiscuous. Lax handling of arguments and return values.

Quite probably others. Use at your own risk.


Copyright (c) 2006 Jeff Finucane

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

WDSL files copyright Motorola Inc. which reserves all rights.

This software is neither authorized, sponsored, endorsed, nor supported by Motorola Inc.

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